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Christmas is fast approaching and so is our favourite meal - Christmas dinner. When it comes to Christmas decorating, the dining table can make a huge difference in making your guests feel in the festive spirit. Therefore, it’s time to brush up on your table-setting skills before the big day quickly comes around - and you really haven’t got long!

Laying the perfect Christmas dinner table is enough to send you into a frenzy. Finding the right balance to ensure it is both functional, avoiding any risk of spills, and beautiful is no easy task - especially if you’re cooking for an entire party of guests. But nonetheless, it is definitely worth it for sophisticated dining on Christmas day.

If you don’t own any Christmas serving ware or don’t have time to go out and get any - we know December can already be incredibly busy - then you can easily embrace the festive theme by dressing up your dining room and Christmas table with other decor. You can try scattering pine cones or dried fruit on your table or user paper decorations and faux foliage, which will still make it feel like Santa is coming. Your table will look its best at Christmas when it looks busy, so make sure you go overboard with the Christmas accessories in seasonal colours. You can pair these with other dining room decor ideas such as fake Christmas presents dotted around the room, long garlands that you can drape over a mantle piece and lots of candles!

There’s a lot to buy for the perfect festive tables cape from coaster sets, napkin rings, dining table placemats and serving trays. So if you’re struggling with knowing where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Napkins & Napkin Rings

napkins and napkin rings

Napkins are an essential to any formal dinner and Christmas dinner should be no exception. Many people will have novelty Christmas napkins that only make an appearance once a year and they can add something special to your dining room table. They are also incredibly handy for any spills that may happen throughout the meal - which, let’s face it, is bound to happen after one too many mulled wines. If you want to go the extra mile, you can dress your napkin up with a napkin ring. Our pearl style beaded rings are the perfect decorative ring to add a sprinkle of glitz and Christmas sparkle to your table.

Placemats, Coaster and Napkin Ring Sets


placemats, coasters and napkin rings

Placemats and coaster sets are not only there to protect your dining table from any spills and burns, they can also be a beautiful addition to your table. For your coaster sets to really embody the Winter season opt for a gold or silver, maybe with a bit of sparkle, which will brighten up your table and pair perfectly with your Christmas tree decorations or other dining room ideas for the festive season. We have a range of placemats, coasters and napkin rings sets that are handcrafted and available in a variety of colours suitable for your Christmas dinner table.

Serving Trays


serving tray

Serving your Christmas dinner to your guests can be just as important as eating it. Making sure it is beautifully presented to your guests can really demonstrate how you have gone the extra mile for them. Investing in a suitable serving tray can be the cherry on the cake when bringing out your food, keeping it stylish and decorative. Our deep rectangle tray with holders comes in a variety of different colours for you to pair with your tablescape and is super chic in design. They can also help with heavy loads so you can keep your food hot and serve multiple guests at the same time.

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