Set aus Korb, Kissen und Decke

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Farbe Natur und Grau und Senfblüte

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  • Größe: Korb 35 x 41 cm, Kissen 45 x 45 cm, Decke 81 x 101 cm.
  • Material und Farbe – Decke, Korb und Kissenbezug bestehen aus 100 % Baumwolle. Kissenbezug mit Polyesterfüllung. Die Farben sind Schwarz, Natur und Palewhisper mit Löwenmuster.
  • Perfektes Accessoire – Dieses 3er-Set mit Tiermotiven und attraktiven Designs ist ein perfektes Accessoire für Kinder-/Kinderzimmer – Der Überwurf ist warm und gemütlich und fühlt sich weich an – Der Korb ist robust und langlebig und bietet Platz für Spielzeug, Spiele, Decken usw. – Das Kissen vervollständigt das Set . Ein Kauf, um den gesamten Raum aufzupeppen. Perfekt zum Verschenken.
  • PFLEGELEICHT – Maschinenwaschbar – kalt, Schonwaschgang.
  • Kundengarantie – Sollte Ihnen unser Produkt aus irgendeinem Grund nicht gefallen, versprechen wir eine einfache Rückgabe innerhalb von 30 Tagen nach dem Kauf. Penguin Home® garantiert Ihre Zufriedenheit.


Material: Baumwollpolyester
Abmessungen: 81 x 101 cm
Gewicht (kg): 0,9
Pflegehinweise: Sie müssen sich keine Sorgen über Schmutz und verschüttete Flüssigkeiten machen. Dieses Produkt ist maschinenwaschbar und langlebig und kann immer wieder verwendet werden.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Good quality product

When I received this set of cushion, blanket and basket, I was pleased with the quality, it’s well made, tidy stitching even the lining and stripes. the material is 100% cotton which is soft and comfortable, ideal for kid’s room.My daughter is 9 yrs old, pink is not her favorite anymore, she loves this set and asked for put in her room when she first saw it. The basket is bit floppy but looks better after filling her soft toys, blanket is kinda small and thin she just use it to decorate her bench, cushion she likes most hopefully it’s easy to wash in washing machine since the cover is not removable.£50 is bit pricey although the quality is great.Overall I am satisfied with the product and would recommend.

Budding ArtistBudding Artist
Lovely pattern for nursery, but only blanket is washable. Pretty expensive

This penguin home set of knitted basket, cushion and blanket set is perfect for nursary. The panda pattern is kind of cute. The dark rosy colour is kind of nice. This set is made of 100% cotton which is skin friendly. The only thing not so good is,the basket and the cushion arrived in a not sealed bag and they are not washable. This made me hesitant to use for my baby or young children. I have to use alcohol spray gently spray on these two items. The blanket is arrived in a sealed bag and also blanket is washable. But the size is a bit small. only 80x100cm (smaller than normal baby blanket which is 100x100cm) for £49.99 it is rather expensive i have to say considering they are not all washable.

Soft, cosy and well made.

This set includes a large soft cushion, a large soft blanket and a large soft basket made from fabric. The blanket is thin and light but also warm and cosy. Ideal for using on the bed, pram or snuggling up with on the sofa. The fabric basket is bigger than expected and will hold lots of toys, nappies and products or baby washing. It has two carry handles on either side and is well made with tidy stitching and a soft lining. The cushion is slightly bigger than the average sofa cushion and is also well made with tidy stitching, no loose ends and again made from a soft fabric. It could be used in the home, nursery or car.The set would make a lovely gift, but mine is in the spare room with the cushion and blanket on the bed and toys in the basket waiting for my my granddaughters visit.

Kings&Queens1 Kings&Queens1
Great quality bundle

Arrived safely packaged with fine quality materials and adorable design and acceptable thickness on the knitted basket and quality comfort cushion & i think this would be ideal for child's bedroom to a nursery, but as we no longer have any young children we use it for our puppy which he absolutely loves it & use the storage basket for his chew / cuddly toys as it has a fantastic capacity. But I honestly wouldnt of gave it him if i saw this price tag before hand as its way overpriced and disappointed with that £49.99.But a lovely set and happy to recommend when/if its dropped

Perfect gift idea for expecting parents

Penguin Home Set of Knitted Basket, Cushion, and Blanket - 100% Cotton in Panda PrintI love this set! I find it as a perfect gift idea for expecting parents, especially autumn to winter babies.The product photos don't do much justice as this set is way better in person. The prints are uniformed and obviously well-made.Its size is spot on. The design is so cute, with pandas in old rose background. They are soft to touch and easy to maintain. I machine washed it, and it came out good as new, with no fluffs, loose stitches, or faded color. Tho it says in the care label that it is suitable for tumble dry, I air-dried it anyway.The pillow might be a bit broad, but I like the height as it is not too high. It didn't come in a presentable packaging, but you can simple with it in a nice paper bag and threw some confetti in it.Overall, I find this product recommendable.

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