Denim-Küchenschürze - Stone Washed Cotton

Farbe Holzkohle
  • HOHE QUALITÄT - Diese Schürze aus schwerem Canvas-Denim aus 100 % Baumwolle ist Stone Washed für ein weiches Handgefühl. Die Schürze wurde speziell für den einfachen Transport von Werkzeugen, Telefonen und allen Utensilien für den Mehrzweckgebrauch entwickelt. Schürzen für Herren, Schürzen für Damen, Küchenschürze, Schürzen für Multitasking, Werkzeugschürze, Gartenschürze mit praktischen Werkzeugtaschen
  • EINSTELLBARKEIT - Der verstellbare Nackenriemen und der PU-Kunstledergürtel ermöglichen eine einfache Passform für alle Größen und Formen. Der PU-Gürtel ist von der Schürze abnehmbar. Schürzengröße - 70 cm lang und 80 cm breit
  • HALTBARKEIT: Heavy Canvas Denim erfordert keine besondere Pflege beim Waschen und Reinigen. Abnehmbarer PU-Gürtel ermöglicht eine einfache Reinigung. Kann in der Maschine gewaschen werden. Strapazierfähiges Denim-Material ist langlebig, verschleißfest und lichtbeständig. Mehrere doppelt genähte Taschen für eine einfache Werkzeugverwendung.
  • PRODUKTGARANTIE - Diese Schürze wurde von uns speziell für alle Anwendungsfälle entwickelt. Eine bequeme Passform – diese Schürze ist aus hochwertigen Baumwollmaterialien hergestellt, die den Test der Zeit bestehen werden. Wir garantieren Ihre Zufriedenheit mit unserem Produkt und versprechen Ihnen einen hervorragenden Kundendienst mit einfacher Rückgabe und Ersatz für den unwahrscheinlichen Fall, dass Ihnen das Produkt nicht gefällt.
  • VIELSEITIGKEIT - Professionelle Schürze mit praktischen Taschen, cooler Schürzenstil für Koch, Barkeeper, Töpferkünstler, Keramiker, Tätowierer, Floristen, Schuster, Restaurant, Bistro, Hotel, Café, Catering, Bar, Gastgewerbe, Tischler, Bäcker, Kunstlehrer, Schürze für Männer, Schürze für Frauen, Zuhause, Küchenschürze, Bäckerei, Kochen, Mischen, Servieren, Unterrichten, Koch, Konditor, Grillmeister, Barista, Mixologe, Brauen, Bartending, Gartenarbeit, Styling, Backen, Reinigen, Herren, Damen, Profischürze, Schürzen für Damen und Herren, Uniform, Lätzchen.
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Material: Baumwolle

Abmessungen: 70 x 80 cm

Gewicht (kg): 0,23

Pflegehinweise: Sie müssen sich keine Sorgen über Verschmutzungen und Verschüttungen machen. Dieses Produkt ist maschinenwaschbar und langlebig und immer wieder einsatzbereit.

Besondere Merkmale: Taschen für Tragewerkzeug, Telefon und alle Utensilien für Mehrzwecknutzung, verstellbarer Riemen

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Good quality cloth. Nice and thick material.

Not a huge amount to say about this really other than it’s a really good quality product and should last a long time. The material is nice and thick and feels much more superior than your bog standard high street apron. It has an adjustable neck opening, although fixed position lengths, which makes use of a few poppers that allow you to alter the size. It doesn’t really provide that much range though if I am being critical. My only other slight criticism would be with the quality of the leatherette neck and waist fastenings. They feel a little cheap in comparison to the rest of the apron. Don’t get me wrong however as they work just like they should but the material feels at odds with the rest of the garment. Other than this though I have no complaints. Four stars from me as one off for the cheaper feeling straps.

Durable apron, needs a bit of adjustment. [Grey]

Arrived with minimal packaging [rolled in a plastic bag]. Once unrolled you could see this was a nice piece of kit.Made from hard wearing 100% cotton canvas [like old haversacks] its softened down by being stonewashed. I'd chosen the grey colour & it looks nice and it has a little blue in the grey. The stitching is white & well done. There were no missed sections, loose threads or "wonky" bits. All the ends of the stitching lines had been revered over [neatly] for extra strength. There is a multitude of pockets, two very large bordered by two small at the waistline. On the chest there is a medium sized shield shaped one beside a slightly smaller one that it vertically split into three sections that would be ideal for pens/pencils, cooking thermometers, tweezers & the likes.To tie it to you there is a single, white, herringbone grosgrain ribbon that is threaded through four large metal eyelets. This is where the apron falls down a little; quite literally. If you hang it up by the ribbon the apron is heavy enough that it'll slide down the ribbon & onto the floor, this will be exacerbated if you have anything in the pockets. You could tie a couple of knots in the ribbon to stop this happening but this may make the ribbon too short to fit the more rotund. Instead I'm going to use another ribbon for the neck & use the long one that's already on it as the waist tie. This will stop it rucking up at the neck when tied tightly too.There are enough pockets to keep you going with this apron. I'll be using it in the kitchen to keep my clothes clean & to make sure I've things I use a lot to hand, like temperature probes, measuring spoons, tasting spoons, tweezers & a timer. But its perfectly useful for other things like crafts, DIY, gardening...It washes up nicely, a 30°c wash sees it looking pristine again & you can iron it if you want to look smart; Personally I found hanging up to dry took the creases out.Its a little pricier than I'd normally pay for an apron; £21.99, but its very good quality & well made so its still a good buy in my mind.

Cozooks of Brixham
One very impressive pinny

No ordinary pinny, this. In fact, even though I'd read the stuff at the top of the page, I was still surprised at the quality of this apron. You see, I had originally thought I'd use it as back-up for the one I use for painting but this one gets way too messy to subject my lovely new one to the same trauma ... the pockets WOULD be useful though ... Oh, I don't know! Maybe it would be handy in the garden when getting in among the prickles. Or maybe when doing bits and pieces of DIY around the house when I could keep hammer, nails and screwdrivers in the pockets. You know, now I've thought about it, I reckon this fine, hard-wearing, new acquisition will become my go-to garment for just about any job, in house or garden, messy or otherwise. I DO have one small gripe and that is that I, being a bit on the skinny side, had trouble getting a snug fit, even with the various versatility-rendering popper arrangements on the strap attachments. I will be wearing it, though and am thus, very happy to recommend.

A durable apron

This is an expensive apron compared to others but this is much more durable being canvas and has more sturdy ties and pockets so can totally justify the cost.The apron arrives on a box with no packaging whatsoever but it doesn't need any really.It's made of very thick canvas and has quite large pockets on the front. The quality of the canvas and stitching is high.You can use it for art, baking gardening, DIY etc it's literally that versatile.

Sylwia SSylwia S
Looks and feels of premium quality.

I have this Penguin Home 100% cotton stone washed denim apron with strong brown faux leather straps in olive colour.Fabric is of an excellent quality, thick (520gsm) with neat and strong stitching.Looks and feels of a premium quality with perfect finish.It is very useful and versatile apron which could be used for DIY, BBQ, cooking, gardening, art etc.It has three front pockets of a good size.Size wise I'm disappointed as it is one size, but with adjustable straps, so I was hoping that it would fit me.Measurements are exactly as per listing description.I'm about 164cm tall and usually wear size M, and this apron is way too big for me, too long even with all straps tightened/shortened.It is perfect fit for my partner who is about 182cm tall and wears size XL/XXL.Apron was a bit stiff at the beginning, but after wearing it for some time it became softer.I found it a bit pricey, but in my opinion it is worth the money because of its great quality.Protects clothes well, looks nice when worn and is comfortable, so I would happily recommend it for those for whom it is a right size.

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