Denim-Geschirrtuch - 3er-Set

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  • 100 % REINE BAUMWOLLE – Hergestellt aus hochwertiger Baumwolle. Denim-Geschirrtücher sind für höchste Weichheit und Haltbarkeit steingewaschen.
  • LANGLEBIG UND EXTRA SAUGFÄHIG – Diese Geschirrtücher halten allem stand, was Ihre geschäftige Küche ihnen entgegenwerfen kann. Entwickelt für eine hervorragende Saugfähigkeit, um Sie bei all Ihren Kochbedürfnissen und Hausarbeiten zu unterstützen. Bleiben Sie auch nach längerem Gebrauch wie neu. Die robuste Konstruktion sorgt dafür, dass diese T-Handtücher in gutem Zustand bleiben.
  • EINFACHE PFLEGE – Maschinenwäsche und Trocknen für eine stressfreie Pflege. Diese Geschirrtücher aus Denim-Material sind langlebig und beständig bei vielen Wäschen.
  • PRODUKTGARANTIE – Diese Handtücher wurden von uns speziell für Haltbarkeit und Komfort entwickelt und bestehen aus hochwertigen, sicheren Materialien, die den Test der Zeit bestehen. Wir garantieren Ihre Zufriedenheit und versprechen Ihnen einen hervorragenden Kundendienst mit einfacher Rückgabe und Umtausch für den unwahrscheinlichen Fall, dass Ihnen das Produkt nicht gefällt.
  • 3er-Set – Denim-Geschirrtücher, Geschirrtücher, Küchentücher, Geschirrtuch aus Baumwolle, T-Handtücher, Küchen-Geschirrtuch, Geschirrtücher, dicke Geschirrtücher, Baumwoll-Geschirrtücher


Material: Baumwolle
Abmessungen: 50 x 70 cm
Gewicht (kg): 0,26
Pflegehinweise: Sie müssen sich keine Sorgen über Schmutz und verschüttete Flüssigkeiten machen. Dieses Produkt ist maschinenwaschbar und langlebig und kann immer wieder verwendet werden.
Besonderheit: Einfach aufzuhängen mit Aufhängeöse, extrem saugfähig, vielfältiges Design, fusselfrei und großzügig verpackt

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews

I got these for home useYou get a set of 3 tea towels in nice colours, which arrive with minimum package which is great. Each tea towel is a nice size and well made, stitching is good i could not find a loose thread, they are durable and dry really well, they are absorbent. i recommend washing before first use.Washing is easy follow the simple rules they are re fast drying again which is great. At £10.69 (at time of review) they are not the cheapest however that said you pay for what you get and to be honest these are great and worth the money

Love the style and quality!

I’m very pleased with these tea towels, they arrived nicely packaged in brown card and appear to be great quality.They are generously sized and well stitched. I love the rustic look of the washed linen, it has a slightly denim look to it, and are 100% cotton.I find new tea towels are not always super absorbent until they have been washed a few times but these have been great after just one wash.Now where can I buy matching oven gloves??

No fibers on dishes

I stopped using dish towels because they leave fibers on the dishes . That's why I wanted to try denim dishtowels .They are very big, wash and dry well and don't leave fibers on the dishes. You might think the price is high but for the size, lack of fibers and they will last for years .I think they are worth it.

Kwok LeeKwok Lee
Kitchen essential

set of 3 Cotton Tea towels-----------This is a set of 3 coloured tea towels. The colours are navy blue, charcoal grey and taupe. It's made of cotton and measures 50cm by 70cms.Things I liked:• 100% cotton and absorbent to water• no static (unlike microfibre cloths)• machine washableOverall, it does what it says on the tin... it's a pure cotton tea towel and great at drying plates, bowls and kitchen utensils etc.

Cogent AsparagusCogent Asparagus
Tea At 3

The Penguin Home pack of three denim tea-towels come in a simple pack of three , fortunately with minimal packaging, and comprises of three 100% cotton tea-towels each measuring 50cm x 70cm, and weighing 250 grams apiece. They are single-sided stone-washed denim and are hemmed at the edges, with a decent size and width tab in one corner to hang them up by. They differ only in their colours, those being Navy, Charcoal and Taupe - all fairly dark and neutral colours. The denim cotton is by no means heavy duty at 250g, but they're a good size, the same as a traditional tea-towel, close-woven albeit a little thin, thus not the most absorbent - they are denim, after all. For a pack of three decent sized tea-towels of reasonable quality and neutral mix of colours I can't say they excite me - they're tea-towels, after all - but I can have no complaints with these and they are currently doing sterling service in their standing duty in the Asparagus kitchens.

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