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  • HAUSTIERSICHER - Die Matte von Penguin Home® besteht aus hochwertigem, BPA-freiem, lebensmittelechtem Silikon und die Futternäpfe sind aus korrosionsbeständigem, rostbeständigem Edelstahl. Ungiftig und hypoallergen, diese Matte ist absolut sicher für alle Haustiere
  • Intelligentes Design – Die Hundenapfmatte / Katzennapfmatte ist wasserdicht, rutschfest und rutschfest mit erhöhten Kanten, um ein Verschütten von der Matte auf den Boden zu verhindern. Der Napf ist so konzipiert, dass Haustiere auch bei energischer Fütterung nicht über den Napf kippen können. Mit seinem stilvollen Design sieht dieser hochwertige Futternapf für Haustiere überall dort ästhetisch aus, wo Sie ihn aufstellen
  • GRÖSSE - Die Silikon-Futtermatte von Penguin Home® hat eine Größe von 42 x 21 cm. Wird mit 4 Edelstahlnäpfen (2 + 2 extra) mit je 200 ml (Durchmesser 11,2 cm und Höhe 3,75 cm) geliefert, sodass Sie mehrere Haustiere schnell hintereinander füttern können. Perfekt für Hunde, Katzen, Kaninchen und andere kleine Haustiere. Das kombinierte Gewicht von Matte und Schalen beträgt 460 Gramm
  • LEICHT ZU REINIGEN - Das Silikon-Tischset für Haustiere ist wasserdicht und kann einfach mit einem feuchten Tuch, mit Spülmittel von Hand oder in der Spülmaschine gereinigt werden. Die Tierfutternäpfe können aus der Matte gezogen und separat gereinigt werden, wodurch eine schnelle und einfache Reinigung gewährleistet ist
  • KUNDENGARANTIE - Penguin Home® ist seinen Kunden verpflichtet und garantiert 100% Zufriedenheit mit schnellem Kundenservice, einfacher Rückgabe und Ersatz. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns jederzeit für alle Fragen
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many bowls come with the Penguin Home pet silicon mat?
The Penguin Home pet silicon mat comes with either four stainless steel bowls for each unit, depending on the size of the mat.

Q: What sizes are available for the silicon feeding mat?
42x21 cm with four stainless steel bowls, each holding 200 ml.
48x25 cm with four stainless steel bowls, each holding 425 ml.

Q: Is the Penguin Home pet feeding mat safe for pets?
Yes, the Penguin Home waterproof pet feeding mat is made of high-quality and non-toxic silicone. It is 100% PVC and BPA-free, ensuring it's safe for your pets. Additionally, the stainless steel bowls are corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant, making them non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Q: How easy is it to clean the silicon pet placemat and stainless steel bowls?
Both the silicon pet placemat and stainless steel bowls are easy to clean. The mat can be rinsed under the sink or wiped down with a wet cloth. It dries quickly and is dishwasher safe. The stainless steel bowls can be easily separated from the mat and cleaned with warm water and soap.

Q: HDoes the pet bowl mat prevent spills?
Yes, the pet bowl mat has an extra-tall lip (0.5" raised edge) that prevents spills. It is waterproof, anti-skid, and anti-slip, ensuring that even during energetic feeding sessions, spills are minimized. The design also prevents pets from tipping over the bowls.

Customer Reviews

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Solved a problem for us

It arrived in what seemed a very small cardboard box, but as the photos show, the base was folded up, happily it unfolded without creasing issues.Our two cats took to it immediately and the non-slip base is much better suited for the cupboard top location than our previous system. We used to have a separate mat and bowls for biscuits and water, which (cats being cats), they occasionally took delight in sideswiping on to the floor, spilling all their biscuits for the dogs to clear up! They can’t do that anymore.It’s good that you get four bowls, allowing a feeding and cleaning rotation.Our only observation is that for our two brothers of same litter, they want to feed together - and even the 425mL bowl size (at 13.5 cm internal diameter and 4.5 cm depth) is a bit too small for their heads to simultaneously get at the food. In other words, an even larger size option would be nice.

My cat loves it!

This is a great cat feeding station. It’s made from silicon and comes with x4 bowls (which you can stack). Good grip on the floor. Bigger than what I expected them to be. Holds a decent amount of fry food. Also due to design, it’s less messy. My cat loves it!

Mon G
Good quality double feeding non slip mat

This non slip double feeding mat is of great quality and the fact you get 4 bowls instead of just two just adds value to this as you then can have two being washed up and two being used. The photos do make the bowls look all different sizes, but they are all the same size. The silicone mat did give off a slight smell when it arrived so I just washed it with warm soapy water and that got rid of it. No issues feeding the dog with this at all.

Mat keeps area clean, bowls fit well

In this pack there was a shaped silicon mat and 4 small and quite thin metal feeding bowls. They arrived in good condition and even though the mat is folded in the box it flattened out well.The bowls are deep enough for my two cats – on their own they weigh nothing but the mat keeps them firmly in place when the boys eat. I really like that it comes with 4 bowls and not just 2.The underside of the mat is a little hard to clean but the mat itself is a really good size for keeping the surrounding area clean. Other small bowls also fit.I didn’t notice at first but their are some nice paw-print detailing where the bowls sit.

Perfect for small dogs

The media could not be loaded.  This set looks like it cost more than it actually is. I chose the large size for my Yorkshire Terrier. He is on the taller side of his breed so not a toy size and this set suits him perfectly. It comes with four stainless steel bowls so that’s very handy. The silicone mould tray lays flat on the floor and the bowls slide into it with a perfect fit. It has a paw pattern around the bowl holding area and a lip around the edge for keeping drips and spillages from spreading to the floor. The whole thing is easily washed in the sink with soapy water and dries very quickly.When my dog eats from these bowls in the mat they don’t go sliding around the kitchen. No more finding the bowl behind me after he’s eaten… no more having a trail of uneaten dry dog food trails where he’s taken it for a ride with his tongue lol. Result :)

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