Gestrickte Decke – Reine Baumwolle

Farbe Grau
  • WEICH & LEICHT - Bequeme und leichte und dennoch warme und luxuriöse Strickdecke. Diese gestrickte Überwurfdecke ist ideal für den ganzjährigen Gebrauch.
  • GRÖSSE UND MATERIAL - 100 % Baumwolle. Großer Überwurf 130 x 150 cm (50 "x 60"), perfekt für Sofa, Couch, Bett, Park, Zuhause und zum Verschenken.
  • LANGLEBIG UND STILVOLL - Aus hochwertiger Baumwolle gefertigt, sind Penguin Home® Überwürfe eine perfekte Ergänzung, um Ihr Zuhause zu verschönern.
  • PFLEGELEICHT - Maschinenwaschbar - kalter Schonwaschgang.
  • Kundengarantie - Wenn Ihnen unser Produkt aus irgendeinem Grund nicht gefällt, versprechen wir eine einfache Rückgabe innerhalb von 30 Tagen nach dem Kauf. Penguin Home® garantiert Ihre Zufriedenheit.
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Material: Baumwolle

Abmessungen: 130 x 150 cm

Gewicht (kg): 1,4

Pflegehinweise: Sie müssen sich keine Sorgen über Verschmutzungen und Verschüttungen machen. Dieses Produkt ist maschinenwaschbar und langlebig und immer wieder einsatzbereit.

Customer Reviews

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Mersa & SeanMersa & Sean
Soft, warm, simple pattern

This is a lovely throw/light blanket. It looks pretty and it's very soft and warm. It's large too so covers a full two people if they're snuggling. When it first arrived it smelled quite bad from production or storage, so I had to wash it first. The smell went away thankfully. The cotton is good quality and there wasn't a single part of it pulled. Always a plus.I think the pattern is simple and elegant. The colours are neutral on both sides to match most rooms and decor styles but maybe I would have liked something like tassels or something to give it a little character.

Nice throw

This arrives beautifully presented/packaged. It’s from penguin so it’s a good make. The muted colours are en-trend and the throw is very soft with some elasticity and surprisingly warm for a thin throw. It’s a reasonable size, won’t cover a double bed but looks good draped over the back of my sofa. Its a little pricey for such a lightweight throw, but it’s from a good make, is well made and washes well.

Lovely throw blanket

This blanket is a lot heavier and thicker than I was expecting, which is great.Like that it’s a different colour way on each side and that it’s big enough to cover my entire body.Definitely looks nice drape don furniture and keeps off the chill when I’m watching tv.Also would be great on a single or double bed.

Anthony RowanAnthony Rowan
Very soft and comfortable

This throw arrives vey well packaged and is instantly attractive and something you want to use. It's made from 100% cotton and is very soft and comfortable to touch or lie on. It's quite large too at 150cm x 130cm so can be used doubled up or opened out in full.The quality is very good indeed - there are no loose ends or bad stitching so it's obviously very well made. Maintenance is easy as it's machine washable and can be tumble dried. When it arrives it could probably do with an iron but I didn't bother as hopefully the creases will drop out over time.The price is very good too given the high quality of the throw so overall, it's an excellent buy.

Super soft throw

This is an attractive throw with a neutral colour scheme that should fit with a wide array of furnishings. The stripes give it some decorative structure, and it's soft and comfy enough to use as a standalone blanket on warmer nights. It's 100% cotton and it feels high quality. It's washable at a low temperature as well.A good throw blanket.

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