Lap Tray - Bean Bag Cushioned

Colour : Blue and Gold
  • EASY AND COMFORTABLE - Work on the laptop, eat breakfast lunch dinner and study with ease while sitting at home on the sofa or bed with Penguin Home®'s thick cushion lap trays with extra padding for more comfort use
  • STABLE - The padded cushion bean bag base ergonomically fits the mould of of your sitting posture allowing for a stable steady base. Portable Lap tray is suitable for reading, arts and craft, dining, reading and writing
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Wipe the surface with a damp cloth or wet wipe to easily clean the laminated surface in case of an accidental spill
  • HIGH QUALITY - Penguin Home® Lap Tray is made of high quality synthetic wood and polysilk fabric with a laminated finish to ensure long lasting use and durability. Easily fits a 15.6 inch laptop - Large Size Lap Tray. Dimensions - 46x33x8cm or 18.1x13x3.14inches. Weight - 600 grams.
  • Customer Guarantee - Penguin Home® is committed to its customers and guarantees 100% satisfaction with quick customer service, easy returns and replacements. Please contact us anytime for all queries


Material : Wood

Dimensions : 50X35cm & 46X33cm

Weight (KG) : 0.7

Care Instructions : The daily cleaning routine is fairly simple. Just use a soft, clean cloth, lukewarm water, and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid to gently wipe your wooden tray clean. Once done, don’t stash it away in a closet but keep it or hang it in a place where it can get sufficient air to dry. Dampness is detrimental to the longevity of any wood and therefore, wiping it dry before airing is also very important.

Customer Reviews

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Roland D

This is a lovely well cushioned lap tray with a sweetly designed selection of cats playing with balls of yarn, I could almost feel the happy purring vibes emanating from them.

It has also been a huge help as my days of balancing meals on my lap are long gone and this provides me with all the comfortable support I need to enjoy a comfortable meal without worrying about spilling it on myself.

It is well designed and made although one corner had a sharp edge due to it being a wee bit damaged in transit, nothing I could not quickly and easily fix.

It is big enough to hold my plate, cup and saucer and room left over for the phone and TV remote, really very happy with this lap tray and happy to recommend it.

John S
Useful lap tray

This Penguin Home brand measures 46 cm long x 33 cm wide with a deep brown polyester base filled with bean bag polystyrene foam balls that mould to your lap. The edges are a foil wrapped wood in a dark brown shade, the corners underneath are stapled together and could be better finished, the top is a shiny plastic with a cute cat design. I recommend putting a silicone non slip cover over the top if using with plates when eating as the plate will definitely slide and the edges are quite low. A nice useful lap tray for TV dinners and hobbies too.

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