Feeding Mat with 4 Pet Bowls

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  • PET SAFE - Penguin Home® 's mat is made of high quality BPA Free Food Grade Silicone and Pet Bowls are made of corrosion resistant rust resistant stainless steel. Non Toxic and Hypoallergenic, this mat is perfectly safe for any and all pets
  • SMART DESIGN - The dog bowl mat / cat bowl mat is waterproof, anti skid and anti slip with raised edges to prevent any spillage from the mat to the floor. The bowl is designed so that pets cannot tip over the bowls even during energetic feeding sessions. Of stylish design, this premium quality pet feeding bowl looks aesthetic wherever you place it
  • SIZE - Penguin Home® silicon feeding mat is of size 42x21cm. Comes with 4 stainless steel pet bowls (2 + 2 extra) of 200mL each (Diameter 11.2cm & Height 3.75cm) so one can feed multiple pets in quick succession. Perfect for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small pets. Combined weight of mat and bowls is 460 grams
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The silicon pet placemat is waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth, with detergent by hand or in the dishwasher. The pet food bowls can be pulled out of the mat and cleaned separately thus ensuring a quick and easy wash
  • CUSTOMER GUARANTEE - Penguin Home® is committed to its customers and guarantees 100% satisfaction with quick customer service, easy returns and replacements. Please contact us anytime for all queries

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Material : Silicon and Stainless Steel

Dimensions : (MAT-42X21X5 CM & BOWL-200 ML)(MAT-48X24X6 CM & BOWL-425 ML)

Weight (KG) : 0.2

Care Instructions : Simply rinse in the sink with warm soapy water, wipe with a cloth

Customer Reviews

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Mon G
Good quality double feeding non slip mat

This non slip double feeding mat is of great quality and the fact you get 4 bowls instead of just two just adds value to this as you then can have two being washed up and two being used. The photos do make the bowls look all different sizes, but they are all the same size. The silicone mat did give off a slight smell when it arrived so I just washed it with warm soapy water and that got rid of it. No issues feeding the dog with this at all.

Mat keeps area clean, bowls fit well

In this pack there was a shaped silicon mat and 4 small and quite thin metal feeding bowls. They arrived in good condition and even though the mat is folded in the box it flattened out well.The bowls are deep enough for my two cats – on their own they weigh nothing but the mat keeps them firmly in place when the boys eat. I really like that it comes with 4 bowls and not just 2.The underside of the mat is a little hard to clean but the mat itself is a really good size for keeping the surrounding area clean. Other small bowls also fit.I didn’t notice at first but their are some nice paw-print detailing where the bowls sit.

Solved a problem for us

It arrived in what seemed a very small cardboard box, but as the photos show, the base was folded up, happily it unfolded without creasing issues.Our two cats took to it immediately and the non-slip base is much better suited for the cupboard top location than our previous system. We used to have a separate mat and bowls for biscuits and water, which (cats being cats), they occasionally took delight in sideswiping on to the floor, spilling all their biscuits for the dogs to clear up! They can’t do that anymore.It’s good that you get four bowls, allowing a feeding and cleaning rotation.Our only observation is that for our two brothers of same litter, they want to feed together - and even the 425mL bowl size (at 13.5 cm internal diameter and 4.5 cm depth) is a bit too small for their heads to simultaneously get at the food. In other words, an even larger size option would be nice.

Good for small dogs

My dog is a nightmare for chasing his bowl around the kitchen during dinner so was looking forward to trying this. It does work in that he stayed in one place when eating his dinner and it's very sturdy.I did find it a bit too small for my dog though, I've put a picture up of his normal bowl for comparison. His dinner did fit but it was full up so it meant a lot ended up all over the mat. I'd say he's a medium size dog so this probably wasn't really designed for him but bear in mind this is definitely for small dogs.It feels well made and I like that it has 4 bowls so you have spares in between cleaning.Delivery was very fast, would happily recommend for small dogs, wish they did a slightly bigger version

Perfect for penguins

Plastic isn’t all that fantastic. From the 500 plus years it takes to break down, to the increasing presence of microplastics in the ocean, there are so many reasons why we should reduce our use of it. More households are now thinking about how they can find alternatives and use less plastic. One such alternative that has gained popularity is silicone. But there’s an ongoing debate on the benefits of silicone vs plastic. Is silicone more environmentally friendly than plastic? Is silicone plastic in a different form? And is silicone the answer to leading a more sustainable life?Silicone is derived from silicon, which is a naturally occurring element. Silicon dioxide, for example, can be found in sand and quartz.However, there is an important distinction between silicon and silicone - and the confusing thing about this product is that the description of it here on the Amazon product page is far from clear because it is described as both silicon AND silicone.Silicon is a naturally occurring element. Silicone is synthetic.Silicone is made by combining the element silicon with other elements, such as oxygen. Silicone comes in many different forms, such as silicone oil, rubber and resin. There’s much to learn about the chemical makeup of silicone and how it differs to silicon. It seems highly likely that this product is made of silicone, the synthetic material. One plus-point is that it is 'food grade', so it doesn’t contain any chemical fillers.Silicone is not biodegradable. Some argue that silicone’s lack of biodegradability can be alleviated through good recycling practices. But it can be exceptionally difficult to recycle silicone at local recycling centres. Until silicone is more widely accepted as a recyclable material, there’s a good chance that a lot of it is going into general waste. This means it’s contributing to growing landfill.We should stop and ask ourselves whether we need to buy a new product in the first place. Buying something made out of silicone to replace its plastic counterpart can be wasteful. Especially if you already have a usable plastic product that can do the same job.Should we be buying silicone items when there are other environmentally friendly materials available? Ones that are more widely recycled? You could do worse than silicone if you’re looking for sustainable alternatives to plastics. But it’s best used in conjunction with other eco-friendly materials and practices.Anyway, the product itself should last for many years so it could be argued that that in itself makes it environmentally friendly. I like the fact that the bowls are effectively held in place so that they can't be pushed or slid around by hungry pets. With the bowls made of stainless steel, this product could in theory last a lifetime.

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