Pack of 3 - Basket, Cushion and Blanket Set

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Colour : Natural and Grey and Mustard Blossom

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  • Size - Basket 14"x16" (35x41cm) - Cushion 18"x18" (45x45cm) - Blanket 32"x40"(81x101cm) 
  • Material & Colour - Blanket, Basket and Cushion Cover is made of 100% Cotton. Cushion Cover comes with polyester filling. Colours are Black, Natural and Palewhisper with Lion Print.
  • Perfect Accessory - This set of 3 with animal prints and attractive designs is a perfect accessory for kids/children rooms - Throw is warm and cosy with soft feel - Basket is sturdy and durable to hold toys, games, blankets etc - Cushion completes the set. One purchase to spruce up the entire room. Perfect for gifting.
  • EASY CARE- Machine washable - cold, gentle cycle.
  • Customer Guarantee - If for any reason you do not like our product, we promise easy returns within 30 days of purchase. Penguin Home® guarantees your satisfaction.


Material : Cotton Polyester
Dimensions : 81 X 101 cm
Weight (KG) : 900 grams
Care Instructions : No Need to worry about any mess and spills, This Product is Machine Washable and Durable, ready to use Again and Again.


Penguin Home GOTS certificate Penguin Home OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Penguin Home Recycle Reuse
GOTS certificated
Recycle - Reuse 
Penguin Home GLC certified Penguin Home Ocean Bound Plastic Certified Penguin Home Climate Pledge Friendly
GLC Certified Ocean Bound Plastic  Climate Pledge Friendly

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
mellow pellow
Soft, cosy and well made.

This set includes a large soft cushion, a large soft blanket and a large soft basket made from fabric. The blanket is thin and light but also warm and cosy. Ideal for using on the bed, pram or snuggling up with on the sofa. The fabric basket is bigger than expected and will hold lots of toys, nappies and products or baby washing. It has two carry handles on either side and is well made with tidy stitching and a soft lining. The cushion is slightly bigger than the average sofa cushion and is also well made with tidy stitching, no loose ends and again made from a soft fabric. It could be used in the home, nursery or car.The set would make a lovely gift, but mine is in the spare room with the cushion and blanket on the bed and toys in the basket waiting for my my granddaughters visit.

Perfect gift idea for expecting parents

Penguin Home Set of Knitted Basket, Cushion, and Blanket - 100% Cotton in Panda PrintI love this set! I find it as a perfect gift idea for expecting parents, especially autumn to winter babies.The product photos don't do much justice as this set is way better in person. The prints are uniformed and obviously well-made.Its size is spot on. The design is so cute, with pandas in old rose background. They are soft to touch and easy to maintain. I machine washed it, and it came out good as new, with no fluffs, loose stitches, or faded color. Tho it says in the care label that it is suitable for tumble dry, I air-dried it anyway.The pillow might be a bit broad, but I like the height as it is not too high. It didn't come in a presentable packaging, but you can simple with it in a nice paper bag and threw some confetti in it.Overall, I find this product recommendable.

Budding Artist
Lovely pattern for nursery, but only blanket is washable. Pretty expensive

This penguin home set of knitted basket, cushion and blanket set is perfect for nursary. The panda pattern is kind of cute. The dark rosy colour is kind of nice. This set is made of 100% cotton which is skin friendly. The only thing not so good is,the basket and the cushion arrived in a not sealed bag and they are not washable. This made me hesitant to use for my baby or young children. I have to use alcohol spray gently spray on these two items. The blanket is arrived in a sealed bag and also blanket is washable. But the size is a bit small. only 80x100cm (smaller than normal baby blanket which is 100x100cm) for £49.99 it is rather expensive i have to say considering they are not all washable.

Arty Smarty
Best for a nursery

This set comprises of a blanket, cushion and a basket all in a knitted finish of panda poses on a type of mauve/pink.I got this for my daughters bedroom as at night I like to have an additional blanket to put over shoulders so as to not disturb her by moving her quilt. I thought this would fit in with her pink decor but it doesn’t really. The colour is odd, not quite pink or mauve so looks dark against her baby pink colours. All the items appear good quality, the blanket can be washed at 30 degrees but the other two are spot clean only. The basket is a decent size but has no structure to it so when it is empty it just flops over. Even with my daughters toys in it is still a bit droopy. The blanket is very small and would be better for a Moses basket rather than a child’s bed, it looks a little lost on there. The cushion however is large and comfortable and would be great on a nursing chair or as I have used it on a bed.As a set I think this should be marketed for a nursery as it suits that purpose. I think the colour could be better but overall I like the quality. I think the price point of £49.99 (Aug ‘21) is expensive, that brings each item in at £16.66. I would not purchase such a small blanket at that price, the cushion or basket maybe. I wouldn’t purchase this set again, I’m happy to recommend it if you are looking for nursery accessories but I think there are cheaper alternatives that will have a more neutral colour than this.

Cat Lady
Machine washed

The media could not be loaded.  This knitted set of basket, blanket and cushion are very soft to touch. I put the basket and the blanket in a washing bag and wash it with washing machine, no problems with that. But the cushion comes with stitched-in cover that is not removeable, so I could only wipe clean it. The cushion is also quite thin without much filling.The print on the fabric looks decent and no colour fade after wash.The basket is soft with no reinforcement, it will only stand up if you filled it.Overall not bad in quality and it is suitable for children.

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