Placemats, Coasters & Napkin Rings - Handcrafted Jute & Polyester

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Colour : yellow

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  • SET OF 12 - Each Set consists of 4 jute placemats, 4 jute coasters and 4 metal napkin rings making a total of 12 items
  • INDIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP - Created by skilled artisans from India, these Jute placemat sets are fully hand made following centuries old traditions. Napkin Rings are made of mesh style metal
  • STYLISTIC - This set is a perfect complement to your dinnerware and will look excellent on your tabletop. Perfect for all family gatherings and excellent for gifting
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Easy to wipe down, these placemats are suitable for all including kids. Easy to maintain.
  • Sizes : Placemat of 32 cm (13") Diameter, Coaster of 10 cm Diameter, Napkin Ring of 5 cm Diameter

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Frequently Asked Questions


Material : Beaded

Dimensions : Placemat of 32 cm (13") Diameter, Coaster of 10 cm Diameter, Napkin Ring of 5 cm Diameter

Weight (KG) : 1.2

Care Instructions : Use Damp Cloth, do not rinse it off with water just use a soft cloth to remove the stain or dirt

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Good quality material, well built.

Materials:Napkin Rings are made of mesh style metal.Glass Beaded Placemats.Impressions:Nice yellow colour.Well handrcafted by good quality materials.Easy to maintain and clean.Remarks:Too expensive at £26.99 for what it is.Sizing at 32X32 cm is not enough for standard kitchen tables.Too thick and heavy for eating on them, i'd say they are great for decoration though.These Placemats by Penguin Home are handrcafted (you can tell) of good quality cotton. The placemats have a nice yellow-ish colour which is great for decoration. Unfortunately they are too heave and not large enough at 32x32 cm's for kitchen tables. There are no bad smells, which is nice, however i must say that the placemats seemed a bit dirty? I washed them after opening just in case.Overall they are not bad, especially when it comes to decoration, however priced at £26.99 is too expensive. I'm also not giving them more than 3 stars as they just didn't live up to my expectations.

Mersa & Sean
Looks rustic but many imperfections

I personally like these. Our home is modern rustic so these fit well. The colour is vibrant. The jute is a little difficult to clean but it lasts a long time. These are handmade but actually have a lot of imperfections. One might say they add to the look, but for others they might be seen as poorly made. They sit fine on the table.

Budding Artist
Not so impressed by the quality, a bit dirty , hard to clean

The set contains four sets. Each set contains jute placemats, coasters and napkin rings. Honestly it is really expensive for what it is. The coaster seems a bit too rustic . You can clearly see the rough edges . What I like is , the colour is a lovely bright yellow. But unfortunately for the price, I do expect higher quality products

Luca Nicoletti

Jute placemats, sets of 4: comes with 4 placemats, 4 glasses mats and 4 napkin holders.Really nice material used, resistant and easy to clean.

Miss Anne Boxer
Pretty but dirty

The jute set is very nice with gold napkin ring that’s very complementing. I always mix rustic decors with shiny metal to make them pop up and it really works. The mellow yellow combined with the natural jute looks nice together. The mats are good size, reversible and nicely handcrafted but I think my set missed the Quality Check. They are dirty, both sides, with looks like a mark of a tamper machine. For the price of supposed to be a premium set, I don’t think this is acceptable.

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