Ofenhandschuh- und Geschirrtuch-Set

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Farbe Grau

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  • ESSENTIAL KITCHEN SET – Packung mit 2 Geschirrtüchern und 1 Set Ofenhandschuhe von Penguin Home®, hergestellt aus 100 % reinem Baumwollstoff für überlegene Weichheit, Stärke und Haltbarkeit.
  • HITZEBESTÄNDIGKEIT - Unsere Ofenhandschuhe bieten aufgrund des dicken Futters aus reiner Baumwolle extreme Hitzebeständigkeit, sodass Sie unbesorgt kochen, backen oder grillen können.
  • Langlebig und extra saugfähig – diese Geschirrtücher aus 100 % Baumwolle halten allem stand, was Ihre geschäftige Küche ihnen entgegenwerfen kann. Entwickelt für Super-Absorption, um alle Ihre Kochbedürfnisse zu unterstützen.
  • Pflegeleicht – maschinenwaschbar und langlebig. Perfekt für alle Ihre Kochbedürfnisse, dieses Ofenhandschuh- und Geschirrtuch-Set ist ein unverzichtbares Accessoire für jede Küche.
  • VIELFÄLTIGE MUSTER - Erhältlich in einer Reihe von Farben mit mehreren Mustern, um jede Küche oder jedes Farbschema zu ergänzen, perfekt, um etwas zusätzlichen Stil hinzuzufügen.
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Material: Baumwolle

Abmessungen: 90 x 18 x 1 cm

Gewicht (kg): 0,3

Pflegehinweise: Sie müssen sich keine Sorgen über Verschmutzungen und Verschüttungen machen. Dieses Produkt ist maschinenwaschbar und langlebig und immer wieder einsatzbereit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews
Look Nice

At first glance, I loved the simplicity and style of the grey dish towels and they look nice in my kitchen. There are 2 in the bundle, they are very large (a lot bigger than my average dish towel). There is a stitched hanging loop in the corner and very lightweight, quick-drying and a soft waffle design. However, they are not so great for drying because they are not absorbent. In addition to this when drying glasses that are too wet, they leave lint behind. I now use them alongside my thicker, higher absorbent towels for light drying and wiping down counters. They still look nice but just not practical for their intended purpose of drying dishes.The oven gloves are quilted, suitably padded, also have a stitched loop for hanging. They feel a little stiff and definitely on the shorter side compared to my previous ones. After using them a couple of times from a very hot oven and transferring to the board alongside my oven, I had no issues with the gloves getting too hot.The description mentions using fabric conditioner during a wash to keep them soft, but I don’t use any kind of fabric conditioner, so I did my usual wash and they came out pretty much the same as my old gloves and needed reshaping but I didn't have any issues with the washing result of both the glove and cloths.

Bezerus Bezby

This is an oven glove with two tea towels included. The oven glove is extra large, which is useful as it reduces the risk of burning. It has a hook, for ease so you can hang it up for easier access. It’s reasonably cheerfully designed and certainly useful. This doesn’t come with an oven mitt, but no loss as the glove is large enough and to be honest, they annoy me! The tea towels are a little flimsy and thin but okay. A good buy

◀Pugzu Daddy▶
Tasteful design. Soft material and functional

This is a really nice oven glove and tea towel set. The glove is a fairly standard design and withstands heat well. I've tested it to remove an extremely hot oven tray and had no problems holding onto it for plenty of time, without feeling any excessive heat.The tea towels seem to absorb water well and easily dry washed crockery and glasses. I can't yet comment on washing them yet, however I don't envisage them losing any absorption after washing and drying.The colour and design looks very effective in my kitchen, particularly against my white oven.Highly recommended and excellent value for the usual retail price.Update: I've now dropped one star after my wife discovered that the gloves are actually too short to hold large oven trays (turkey tray, etc). You can only just hold it; they could do with having a longer piece of material between them.

Good basic set

Penguin Home 3 Piece Heavy Duty Patterned Oven Glove & Tea Towel Set, Machine Washable, Cotton, RedThis is a good basic set consisting of an oven glove in a geometric pattern with two matching plain cotton tea towels, both from Manttra UK. The fabric, stitching and finish are flawless. Additional tea towels are available if two aren't enough. The oven gloves and tea towels each have a hanging loop if you prefer to hang them up this way (I hang them over the oven door handle). The padding isn't that thick, so you won't be able to hold a hot dish from the oven for long.For sale at the time of writing this review at £11.99.

Petrina Lester
Great colour oven gloves

Haven’t used these yet, they are in position ready to go! Love the oven gloves as wanted just plain red ones. Not too thick so may be easier to get a grip. Also has tag so can be easily hung on hook Tea towels ok but on the thin side We shall see after I’ve used them and washed them if they improve.