Ofenhandschuh- und Geschirrtuch-Set

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  • ESSENTIAL KITCHEN SET – Packung mit 2 Geschirrtüchern und 1 Set Ofenhandschuhe von Penguin Home®, hergestellt aus 100 % reinem Baumwollstoff für überlegene Weichheit, Stärke und Haltbarkeit.
  • HITZEBESTÄNDIGKEIT - Unsere Ofenhandschuhe bieten aufgrund des dicken Futters aus reiner Baumwolle extreme Hitzebeständigkeit, sodass Sie unbesorgt kochen, backen oder grillen können.
  • Langlebig und extra saugfähig – diese Geschirrtücher aus 100 % Baumwolle halten allem stand, was Ihre geschäftige Küche ihnen entgegenwerfen kann. Entwickelt für Super-Absorption, um alle Ihre Kochbedürfnisse zu unterstützen.
  • Pflegeleicht – maschinenwaschbar und langlebig. Perfekt für alle Ihre Kochbedürfnisse, dieses Ofenhandschuh- und Geschirrtuch-Set ist ein unverzichtbares Accessoire für jede Küche.
  • VIELFÄLTIGE MUSTER - Erhältlich in einer Reihe von Farben mit mehreren Mustern, um jede Küche oder jedes Farbschema zu ergänzen, perfekt, um etwas zusätzlichen Stil hinzuzufügen.
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Material: Baumwolle

Abmessungen: 90 x 18 x 1 cm

Gewicht (kg): 0,3

Pflegehinweise: Sie müssen sich keine Sorgen über Verschmutzungen und Verschüttungen machen. Dieses Produkt ist maschinenwaschbar und langlebig und immer wieder einsatzbereit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 256 reviews
Petrina LesterPetrina Lester
Great colour oven gloves

Haven’t used these yet, they are in position ready to go! Love the oven gloves as wanted just plain red ones. Not too thick so may be easier to get a grip. Also has tag so can be easily hung on hook Tea towels ok but on the thin side We shall see after I’ve used them and washed them if they improve.

Jane C. TreanorJane C. Treanor
Good glove but dodgy stitching in places

Arrived on time and well packaged. Was really pleased when first opened because it felt really good quality but disappointed on the poor stitching in places

Jackie WinfieldJackie Winfield
Mitts great. Tea towels disappointing quality

The oven mitts are great but sadly the tea towels don't watch the quality of the mitts. A couple of the edges weren't stitched right and were fraying. I didn't have time to send them back for a refund as I needed them for a party that day so have had to sew them. Shame as they look great apart from that

Sandra RichardsonSandra Richardson
Oven Gloves Great, Towels not so much

The two towels are kind of a microfibre sort of feel to them, making them absorbent, and great for drying your hands and your pots, pans, dishes etc. I like the color, pattern and feel of them a lot. Oh and they come with a loop on one corner to use to hang up your tea towels.The oven gloves also have a loop to hang them from. Likable grey colour to match or co-ordinate with most kitchen colour schemes. The oven gloves feel comfy and decently padded. They do their job of protecting your hands from being burnt, so watch more do you need from oven gloves!On a negative one of the towels has little holes in it for some reason, perhaps a problem/fault how it has been made. I guess when I wash it the holes may grow larger, I suppose if that happens I can use part of it as a dishcloth so its not going to be totally wasted.

M & MM & M
Great towels, useless glove.

I have mixed feelings about this set…The towels are great quality, soft, super absorbent, good looking and generous in size. It is a pity that the set is let down by the double glove that is basically useless and I would even say - dangerous to use.Not only that the glove is not very thick and you can’t hold anything with it for too long, but it is also not long enough. You can’t grab oven size baking tray (the one that comes with the oven) on both sides using this glove. It is simply too short!I was baking something today and I grabbed the hot tray on one side just to realize mid-air that the glove is not long enough for me to grab the other end… I panicked and almost dropped it. I had to put the tray back in the oven and use my old silicone gloves to continue.Even though the glove is probably ok to use on smaller items I won’t be risking having it in the kitchen in case someone decides to use it on the big tray and have an accident.

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