Premium Stainless Steel Cookware Set- Stockpot and Saucepan

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  • ✅ High-Quality Construction: Both the saucepan and stockpot are crafted from premium polished stainless steel, ensuring robust durability and long-lasting performance without corrosion, rust, or tarnish.
  • ✅ Versatile Design: This set includes a stainless steel saucepan 16cm and a stockpot available in  5-liter capacities, perfect for various cooking methods.
  • ✅ Efficient Heat Distribution: Featuring encapsulated bases and thermocore technology, these cookware pieces promote even heat conduction, eliminate hot spots, and ensure precise temperature control for optimal cooking results on all stovetops, including induction
  • ✅ Convenient Features: Both the saucepan and stockpot come with stylish glass lids featuring steam vents for easy monitoring, double pouring lips, built-in spouts for effortless pouring, and stay-cool riveted handles for secure and comfortable handling
  • ✅ Health and Safety Prioritized: Made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials, these cookware pieces ensure your family's well-being. The easy-to-clean surfaces and dishwasher-safe design provide hassle-free maintenance.
  • ✅ Space-Saving and Functional Design: The stackable construction optimizes storage space, while the smooth inner and outer surfaces facilitate easy cleaning. The generous capacity of the stockpot is ideal for daily use, family gatherings, and commercial kitchens, while the saucepan's versatile sizes cater to different cooking portions.


Material: Stainless Steel 

Size: Stockpot 5 Liter (24 x 12cm) and Saucepan 16cm (1.5 Liter)

Total Weight (KG): 2.1 kg 

Care Instructions: Steel handles can get very hot during use. We recommend the use of oven gloves while handling hot pans.


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