Tischsets, Untersetzer und Serviettenringe im Set – handgefertigte Glasperlen

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Farbe Gelb und Weiß

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  • 12er-SET - Jedes Set besteht aus 4 Tischsets, 4 Untersetzern und 4 Serviettenringen, was insgesamt 12 Artikel ergibt
  • INDISCHE HANDWERKSKUNST – Diese von erfahrenen Handwerkern aus Indien hergestellten Tischsets mit Glasperlen werden nach jahrhundertealten Traditionen vollständig von Hand gefertigt
  • STYLISTISCH - Dieses Set ist eine perfekte Ergänzung zu Ihrem Geschirr und wird auf Ihrer Tischplatte hervorragend aussehen. Perfekt für alle Familienfeiern und hervorragend zum Verschenken
  • LEICHT ZU REINIGEN - Diese Tischsets sind leicht abzuwischen und für alle geeignet, auch für Kinder. Leicht zu pflegen.
  • Größen: Tischset mit 32 cm Durchmesser, Untersetzer mit 10 cm Durchmesser, Serviettenring mit 5 cm Durchmesser
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Material: Perlen

Maße: Tischset mit 32 cm Durchmesser, Untersetzer mit 10 cm Durchmesser, Serviettenring mit 5 cm Durchmesser

Gewicht (KG): 1,64

Pflegehinweise: Verwenden Sie ein feuchtes Tuch, spülen Sie es nicht mit Wasser ab, verwenden Sie einfach ein weiches Tuch, um den Fleck oder Schmutz zu entfernen

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Meticulously Crafted & Looks awesome!

The handmade coasters are carefully and meticulously crafted and have a good amount of weight. The small beads are woven into a metallic wire to give these coasters great look. Since these are handmade every coaster differs bit which is a case for every handmade product. These are the best coasters which I have owned so far. These give excellent look to my dining table and kitchen area. I dont use dining table a lot so these are great show piece to decoarate dining table. I am very impressed with these.

Sylwia S
Great set for decorative purposes, but not for everyday use.

I have this Penguin Home set of 12 pcs glass beaded placemats, coasters and napkin rings in a combination of yellow and white colours.The description claims that they are handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans, obviously I can't check it, but it looks like they are handmade, as they are not perfectly finished with some loose beads and stitching on the reverse looks like done by hand.Overall all items seems well made.I like that they have fabric bottom, so will not scratch surfaces.This set look very decorative.I thought that the set was made from white and yellow beads, but I'm not sure now as one of my placemats has yellow splash of paint on the white part, so it looks to me that the whole set is made from white beads and then painted.I just hope that the paint will not peel off quickly.The placemats and coasters are protecting surfaces well from warm plates and cups but not from spillages as they are not waterproof.The sizes are exactly as per listing description, placemats are big - 32cm diameter.I'm not sure how to keep it clean as the beads won't be easy to dust/clean, and what about fabric part, it would be impossible to wash it properly.Great set for decorative purposes, but not for everyday use.

Amazing quality and design!

Absolutely gorgeous, quality is second to none, size is incredible and you get everything you need to make your dinner table a real decor attraction. Superb. Highly recommended!

Dr. Paul Ell
Curious collection of bead-made products with some concerns

In this set you get four plate mats, four drinks mats and four napkin rings all in yellow and silver/white small beads.I’ve no doubt that a lot of effort has gone into creating these my artisans. The items included are a little strange though. The cup and dinner mats have a rustic look which doesn’t really go with the much more formal napkin rings. Overall I think these are a little to rustic for my taste.Whilst the upper side of the mats look OK, the underside really does not - I’ve added a couple of photos of these. There’s a fairly thin fabric base which I assume is in place to prevent the mats damaging the surface they stand on. Unfortunately a consequence of this is that the mats are pretty much impossible to clean. If they just had a bead and metal construction they could be wiped clean with a wet cloth easily. There’s no way to clean effectively the fabric base though and even clean it distracts from the look of the mats.The mats are not particularly cheap but if they are helping artisans in India that’s less of a concern. Nor are they very expensive. I’m just not sure the product collection really works reflecting the cleaning issue and the inclusion of napkin rings.Overall three stars. A little disappointing.

Miss Anne BoxerMiss Anne Boxer
Very Attractive

Quite attractive but impractical for daily use. Great for special ocassions and will be nice when hosting guests as this will surely be a convesation topic like something you got from an exotic holiday. Good size and beautifully handcrafted . The other side is lined with cotton cloth so it’s not reversible. Should be easy to clean when really needed by rinsing in soapy water then hang to air dry. I love this and £20 for this set is good value for money.

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